Hoopla Help

To use Hoopla, you must first create an account.  

  1. Go to the Hoopla website.
  2. Click "Log In"
  3. If you are a new user and have not yeat created an account, click "Sign Up Now"
  4. Choose your library from the list displayed
  5. Enter your e-mail address.  You must have an e-mail address in order to create a Hoopla account.  If you don't have an e-mail address, you must get one.
  6. Enter a password of your choosing.
  7. Enter your library card number and PIN.
  8. Click "Sign Up Now"

Are you having trouble creating an account in Hoopla?

Ensure you are using the correct PIN.  In September 2015, we switch over to a new system.  At that point all PINs were reset to the last four digits of the first phone number currently listed in your account.  If you have not logged into your account since before that date, there is a possibility that your PIN was reset and is not what you think it is.  Please contact your local library and ask them to change your PIN to whatever you would like it to be.

Ensure your library account is up to date and in good standing.  If your library card has expired, or if you have unpaid lost items, or fines over $10.00, you may be unable to access Hoopla.  Login to your account on our website, or contact your local librarian to check the standing of your account.

Ensure that you are choosing the correct library.  If you are a Moose Jaw Public Library patron, please choose that option.  All other Palliser Regional Library patrons should choose Palliser Regional Library.  If you are unsure which you are registered as, please contact your local librarian to check for you.

If you are still having trouble accessing Hoopla, please check out their Help page, or contact your local librarian.