About Palliser

Our Mission:

"The Palliser Regional Library is designed to provide all people with equitable access to informational, cultural, recreational and educational materials and programs. We strive to provide opportunities to enhance literacy and individual life long learning."

About the Region:

Formed in 1973, the Palliser Regional Library is a co-operative library system located in South-Central Saskatchewan. Palliser Regional Library is one of eight Regional Libraries in the province, in addition to the city libraries in Regina and Saskatoon, which provide library service to Saskatchewan residents.

The Palliser Library Region consists of 20 branches, including Moose Jaw Public Library and 19 rural branches. All branches provide a full range of library services, including free Internet access. Our communities range in size from the city of Moose Jaw (population 33,274) to Wood Mountain (a village of 25 people). In total, Palliser Regional Library serves approximately 54,200 people located in 76 municipalities which cover an area of 10,640 square miles.

All municipalities participate in the regional library system and pay an annual levy which goes toward the provision of library services in their communities. This levy is set each year by the regional library board.

For Annual Reports and other governance information, please visit our Library Board page.