Letters to 2020 Election Candidates

As the 2020 election draws near, the Saskatchewan Library Association (SLA) reached out to candidates and party leaders about the importance of public libraries for community vitality.

A few facts they highlighted are that...

  • Libraries are one of few free public spaces, wherein cost of use is either null or minimal.
  • Libraries provide equal access for all to its physical and digital spaces and resources.
  • Libraries sustain and promote democracy through their efforts to foster an informed
    and participatory citizenry.
  • Libraries are a community gathering place and a social outlet for many, combating social
    isolation and facilitating intergenerational and cross-cultural connections; a fact thrown
    into sharp relief during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Libraries are trusted and credible sources that help navigate and develop skills relating
    to information and technology. This is critical as the vast increase in information
    available online does not necessarily equal improved access or modes of consumption.
  • Libraries are adaptive and dynamic. They are at the forefront of the Information Age and
    provide community leadership, evidenced by their rapid adjustment to and
    implementation of modified service provision throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.


Image of Child in Library


    As patrons and advocates of our local libraries, we need to be vocal and keep our leaders accountable to supporting such a crucial public resource.

    When you vote, consider your candidate's position on libraries.


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