The Winter wives : a novel

Published 2021
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"Two old friends, who first met in university, get together for a weekend of golfing: Allen, a football hero, worldly and financially successful, and his quieter friend, nicknamed Bryon, lame from a childhood injury, a smart fellow who became a lawyer but who has never left home, staying put so he could care for a mother with Alzheimer's. During a long night of drinking, the fault lines between them start to show. One of the biggest: the two men married sisters, though Allen was the one who walked down the aisle with Peggy, the sister both of them loved, and Bryon had to settle for Annie. Out on the course the next morning, Allen suffers a stroke. In one traumatic moment, he loses control of his life, his wife and his business empire, which turns out to have been built on lies and the illegal drug trade. And Bryon has to suddenly confront his own weaknesses and strengths, his tangled relationship with Allen and the Winter sisters. Both the woman he married and the one he thought was the love of his life. Brimming with twists and turns, no one will anticipate the lengths to which Bryon will go to make sense of his life."-- Publisher description.

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