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Ancient China —Atkins, Marcie Flinchum, author.

"In Ancient China, readers discover the history and impressive accomplishments of the people of ancient China, including their technological wonders and feats of construction. Engaging text provides details on the civili...

Ancient China —Faust, Daniel R., author.

Introduces the civilization of ancient China.

Adventures in ancient China —Bailey, Linda, 1948-

A mix of adventure story and fascinating facts.

On the run in ancient China —Bailey, Linda, 1948- author.
Graphic Novel
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"In this third book in the Time Travel Guides series, the three Binkerton siblings go back in time to 1st century CE China! Amid the chaos of their arrival, little Libby slips away, hitching a ride to the capital city. S...

Wonders of the Asian world. China and South Korea

Tour of cultural and natural wonders in China and South Korea. Intended to provide students with a greater understanding of Asian culture and history.

Life in ancient China —Challen, Paul, 1967-

Presents a study of ancient China and discusses their early civilization and dynasties, the Great Wall, the Sons of Heaven, the Terra Cotta Army, arts and crafts, inventions, religious beliefs, and scholars.

China unbound : a new world disorder —Chiu, Joanna, author.

While the U.S. stumbles, an award-winning foreign correspondent chronicles China's dramatic moves to become the world's dominant power in 'China Unbound'. Joanna Chiu is an internationally recognized author in China. She...

Look what came from China —Harvey, Miles.

Describes many things, both familiar and unfamiliar, that originally came from China, including inventions, food, tools, animals, toys, games, musical instruments, fashion, medicine, holidays, and sports.

Ancient China

In this vivid look at ancient China, students will explore four magnificent remnants of the country's lost history.

Myths and civilization of the ancient Chinese —Matthews, Rupert.

Retells myths of the ancient Chinese and describes how they lived.

China and the West : McMaster and Pillsbury vs. Mahbubani and Wang : the Munk debates

"Increasingly in the West, China is being characterized as a threat to the liberal international order, one that must be overcome through economic, political, technological, and even military means. For those who believe...

Ancient China —Shuter, Jane.

Examines the history of ancient China and the artifacts and written accounts that provide information about the people's society and beliefs.

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