October 2021 Literacy Activities

A full month of literacy activities to share with your child!

Download your calendar using the links below or visit your local Palliser library branch for a printed copy. Then scroll down for book recommendations, printables, and other resources to go along with your calendar!

Image of the October Early Literacy Calendar


Download October Early Literacy Calendar 

(for infants and pre-school children)


Image of the October Children's Literacy Calendar


Download October Children's Literacy Calendar 

(for elementary-aged children)



October Early Literacy Bonus Content

(For infants and pre-schoolers)

Don't have your October Early Literacy Calendar yet? Download it for free here or visit your local library for a printed copy.


October 24th: Read a book about fall.


October 28th: Dance to a fast song and then dance to a slow song.


October 30th: Read a book about Halloween.


New at the Library


Books for Parents



October Children's Literacy Bonus Content

(For elementary-aged children)

Don't have your October Children's Literacy Calendar yet? Download it for free here or visit your local library for a printed copy.


October 1st: Take turns listening to your favorite kind of music together.


October 3rd: Visit the library and get your own free library card.

  • Check our Branch Locations page for your local Palliser library's location and hours.


October 8th: Find some interesting leaves, pebbles, or twigs for an art project.


October 10th: Learn why leaves change colour in the Fall.


October 13th: Name three extinct or endangered animals.


October 15th: Read a picture book or part of a chapter book to your child.


October 17th: Try a science experiment together.


October 18th: Learn a phrase in another language.


October 24th: Read a book that takes place in Fall.


October 25th: Talk about what advertisements are, and how to spot them on TV, the internet, and signs around town

The Media Smarts Teacher's Hub is a great resource for both parents and teachers to learn how to talk to kids about Media Literacy.

Find age-appropriate discussion prompts and activities to learn about finding balance in our digital lives, online safety and privacy, being kind online, and how to interpret what children see in games, TV, and the internet.

Here is their Talking to Kids about Advertising Tipsheet


October 28th: Introduce your child to a food from another culture.