Rose's run

DAISY Sound Recording
Published 2014
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Rose Okanese, a single mother with two kids, has been pushed into a corner by Rez citizens to claim some self-respect, and decides that the fastest way to do that is to run the reserve?s annual marathon. Though Rose hasn?t run in twenty years, smokes, and initially has little motivation, she announces her intention to run the race. One quality Rose doesn?t lack is spontaneity which sometimes clashes with her iron will and, though she has initial regrets about opening her mouth, her life begins to dictate that she must follow through. But as fate will have it, one rather huge unforeseen outcome of her decision is that she will have to do battle with an old inadvertently conjured demon that feeds off the strength of women and can have them do her bidding. In no time the Rez is in an uproar. Rose discovers, that the old demon has been unintentionally called forth by her teen daughter, Sarah, which complicates Rose?s life just a little more. The spirit woman creates a reign of fear and havoc by appearing to people on the reserve and freaking them out, all of which leads to incidents of extreme humour and plot-twisting bemusement, liberally sprinkled with some jittery acts of valour. With a cast of unusual and unfamiliar characters, Dumont interweaves a tale of motherly love, friendship, lustful longing, w?htikow lore, and Rez humour, and keeps the hoopla going until the race is done. Will Rose send the demon back to where it came from before the spirit claims her teen daughter? Will she get back together with her philandering, rock musician husband before her girls grow up? More importantly, will she get this all done before her big, face-saving race with Dahlia Ingram, a woman whom God has designed for one purpose: to run long distances at high speeds with effortless grace?

1 DAISY Disc (454 min.) : digital ; 4 3/4 in.
digital DAISY format
Burned to disc in Saskatoon Public Library NNELS Talking Book Disc Service.
Material requested through NNELS program.
Access restricted to persons who are visually impaired or physically disabled and cannot use conventional print materials.
Narrator: Apple Samantha.
System requirements: IBM PC or compatible; double speed or faster CD-ROM drive; sound card and sound output device; DAISY playback software or DAISY talking book player. Also plays in CD-MP3 player or computer with MP3-capable software.
DAISY 2.02 standard; MP3 compression. Compression rate: 32.
Winner of the 2015 Saskatchewan Book Award for Fiction -- Shortlisted: SBA Book of the Year, Aboriginal Peoples' Writing, and City of Saskatoon Award -- Shortlisted for 2015-16 First Nation Communities Read Award.
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