Jacob's wound a search for the spirit of wildness

DAISY Sound Recording
Published 2007
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The Genesis story of Jacob wrestling with the angel is interpreted here as a struggle between Jacob and his wilder twin brother, Esau. Jacob, the farmer, the civilized man, suffers a wound in vanquishing Esau, the hunter, the primitive man. Can we, as Jacob did with Esau, eventually reconcile with the wildness we conquered and have been estranged from for so long?

9780616390757 (CNIB)
DAISY edition.
Computer data (107 files : 200 MB).
Publisher, Date:
Winnipeg : CNIB, 2007.
1 computer laser optical disc (14 hrs., 28 min.) : digital ; 4 3/4 inches
digital DAISY format
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Access restricted to persons who are visually impaired or physically disabled and cannot use conventional print materials.
Narrator: Michael Rennie.
Audio and text.
Original version: Toronto : McClelland & Stewart, 2004.
Recording standard: DAISY 2.02 standard.
MP3 compression.
Compression rate: 32.
System requirements: IBM PC or compatible; double speed or faster CD-ROM drive; sound card and sound output device; DAISY playback software or DAISY talking book player.
Studio original.
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