Life without diabetes : the definitive guide to understanding and reversing type 2 diabetes
—Taylor, Roy, 1952- author.
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From the global pioneer whose work inspired The 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet, a Iife-changing guide to reversing type 2 diabetes. For centuries type 2 diabetes has been regarded as an incurable, lifelong condition - a case of 'Abandon hope all yet who enter here'. Now, thanks to Professor Roy Taylor, there is a way out to reversing the fastest growing disease in the world. After years of studying the causes of diabetes, in 2006 Professor Taylor and his team at Newcastle University finally found the 'missing piece in the scientific jigsaw', a Eureka moment that launched a multi-million-dollar trial involving 280 type 2 diabetics from around the United Kingdom. In 2018 they published the remarkable, life-changing results. In Life Without Diabetes, Professor Taylor presents the definitive guide to understanding and reversing type 2. In simple and accessible language, he deconstructs the complex workings of the body as an energy system, illustrates how our modern lifestyle has interfered with the mechanics of this process and offers a surprisingly simple solution, in the form of the 3-step program he developed with his team of researchers, also known as the 'Newcastle Diet'. Professor Taylor's aim is to transform the treatment of type 2 diabetes across the globe. In this book, he not only points anyone with type 2 towards a return to full health, but offers practical and proven advice on how to enjoy life and remain free of the disease - for good.

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Non-insulin-dependent diabetes -- Diet therapy.
Non-insulin-dependent diabetes -- Treatment.
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Alberti, George, writer of foreword.
First HarperCollins edition.
319 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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