Nietzsche and the Burbs : a novel

Published 2019
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"When a new student transfers in from a posh private school, he falls in with a group of like-minded suburban stones, artists, and outcasts-- too smart and creative for their own good. His classmates nickname their new friend Nietzsche (for his braininess and bleak outlook on life), and decide he must be the front man of their metal band, now christened Nietzsche and the Burbs. WIth the abyss of graduation-- not to mention their first gig-- looming, the group ramps up their experimentations with sex, drugs, and ... nihilist philosophy. Are they as doomed as their intellectual heroes? And why does the end of youth feel like such a universal tragedy? As they ponder life's biggies, this sly elegant, and often laugh-out-loud funny story of could-be rebels becomes something special: an absorbing and stirring reminder of a particular, exciting yet bittersweet moment in life ... and a reminder that all adolescents are philosophers, and all philosophers are adolescents at heart"-- Provided by publisher.

345 pages ; 22 cm
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