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Summer schooled —Zamolo, Matt, author.

Rebecca Zamolo is on a mission to save her summer. Instead of going to camp like she'd planned, she's been stuck in summer school. But today is the day! She's going to present her final science assignment--using her Nana...

The hockey rink hunt —Lupica, Mike, author.

With only days before the last game of the Stanley Cup finals in Boston, eight-year-old twins Zach and Zoe are determined to find hockey star Mike Gordon's missing lucky necklace.

The half-court hero —Lupica, Mike, author.

"Someone is secretly renovating the basketball court at the local park, and Zach and Zoe are determined to find out who"-- Provided by publisher.

The missing baseball —Lupica, Mike, author.

Eight-year-old twins Zach and Zoe follow clues to find Zach's missing baseball, signed by his favorite major league player, while competing in Spirit Week events at school.

Sadie : the dog who finds the evidence —Feldman, Thea, author.

"Meet Sadie, a real dog who works with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, in this inspiring, Level 2 Ready-to-Read based on one of the winners of the annual American Humane Association's Hero Dog Awards[trademark symb...

Gabe : the dog who sniffs out danger —Feldman, Thea, author.

"Gabe is a real dog who works with the United States military. He has an important job: He uses his sense of smell to find weapons before they hurt anyone. Gabe saves lives! Read his story to find out more about Gabe and...

Stella : the dog with the big heart —Feldman, Thea, author.

"Stella is a real dog. She is a special dog with an important job. Stella is a therapy dog and she creates happiness wherever she goes. That makes her a hero to many people. Read her story to find out more about Stella a...

The football fiasco —Lupica, Mike, author.

"Zach and Zoe find their recess football deflated from a hole near the laces, and set off in search of clues to discover how it happened"-- Provided by publisher.

The soccer secret —Lupica, Mike, author.

Twins Zack and Zoe investigate when someone mails Zach a soccer jersey, identical to the one he wears on his travel team, with no explanation.