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Rio Bravo

In the dusty town of Rio Bravo, Sheriff Chance arrests Joe Burdette for a brutal murder. Joe's brother Nathan bottles up the town so Chance can't get his prisoner to justice.


The manager of an international airport must juggle personal crises with professional responsibilities as he attempts to keep his blizzard-torn facility open to rescue a bomb-damaged jetliner.


Posing as a hangman, Mace Bishop arrives in town with the intention of freeing a gang of outlaws, including his brother, from the gallows.

What a way to go!
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All Louisa May Foster wants is a man to love - who will live! But try as she might to hang onto her husbands, she keeps meeting and marrying men with a desire to strike it rich - and a habit of dying soon thereafter.

The cannonball run
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A cross-country race features two racers that disguise themselves as paramedics to go even faster.

The family jewels The stooge

The family jewels: When a little rich girl is suddenly orphaned, one of her six wacky uncles -- all played by Jerry Lewis -- will be selected as her guardian.

The Silencers

Secret agent Matt Helm tries to save the day when a megalomaniac and his dastardly organization plot to sabotage America's atomic missile system.