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Superman & Lois. The complete 1st season

After years of facing supervillains, monsters, and alien invaders intent on wiping out the human race, the world's most famous superhero and comic books' most famous journalists come face to face with one of their greate...


Bicycle messenger Cam is in heavy debt to a violent organized-crime gang. Hoping to get out of debt, he joins a crew that uses parkour to pull off heists. As the stakes get higher, and the heists more dangerous, the payo...

Tyrant. The complete third season

With Jamal's life in danger and Abuddin on the verge of plunging into chaos, Barry steps forward as interim president and sets the stage for democratic elections. Daliyah takes a leading role in the nation, bringing her ...

Tyrant. The complete season 2

The continuing political and personal story of the Al-Fayeed family and its role leading a regime in the country of Abuddin.