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Catwoman's Purrfect plot —Hines-Stephens, Sarah, author.

Catwoman creates the perfect diversion at the cat show, while plotting the theft of an ancient Egyptian necklace that is supposed to give the person wearing it nine lives and superpowers at the art museum and it is up to...

Batman : an origin story —Sazaklis, John.

In simple text, this book tells the story of how Bruce Wayne grew up to become the Dark Knight of Gotham City.

Poison Ivy's Rainforest revenge —Hines-Stephens, Sarah, author.

Poison Ivy turns Robinson Park into a jungle of carnivorous plants, and it is up to Batman and Robin to separate her from her green friends--and save themselves.

Superman : an origin story —Manning, Matthew K.

An alien orphan from the planet Krypton crash lands on Earth, and is adopted by a human couple--one day he will become Superman, defender of the people of Earth.

Joker's magic mayhem —Bright, J. E., author.

Batman and Robin battle the Joker at a charity magic show.

Bizarro : an origin story —Cohen, Ivan, author.

"Discover the story behind this villain's journey from Man of Steel clone to backward baddie, including the source of his square-shaped home planet. With action-packed illustrations and easy-to-follow text, this DC Comic...

Lex Luthor : an origin story —Cohen, Ivan, author.

How did Lex Luthor become Superman's archenemy? Discover the story behind this villains journey from businessman to madman.

Batman undercover —Weissburg, Paul.

The Cosmic Annihilator, a weapon capable of destroying entire planets, is missing, and it is up to Batman to defeat his enemies and recover it.

Green Lantern : an origin story —Manning, Matthew K.

Hal Jordan is a daring test pilot until one day a dying alien gives him a ring of power that changes him into a member of the Green Lanterns, defenders of the Galaxy.

The frozen zone freeze ray —Dahl, Michael, author.

One of the trophies in the Batcave is Mr. Freeze's freeze ray, which he uses to create a zone of intense cold around himself as he attempts to steal a valuable diamond necklace--and it is up to Batman to stop the supervi...

Scarecrow's flock of fear —Manning, Matthew K.

Supervillain Jonathan Crane, alias The Scarecrow, has always been afraid of birds and now he plans to use his experimental fear gas to revenge himself on Batman by terrifying Robin to death--but when his plan backfires, ...

The Jaguar's Jewel —Dahl, Michael, author.

Hundreds of trophies and souvenirs fill the rooms of the Batcave, each with a story, and one such tale is how Batman outsmarted Catwoman and her pet jaguar and prevented the theft of a valuable emerald.

Harley Quinn's hat trick —Dahl, Michael, author.

Batman and Robin battle Harley Quinn's giant bridal veil and top hat.

The Penguin's crime wave —Sutton, Laurie.

The Penguin hijacks a luxury yacht with his penguin-shaped submarine and it is up to Batman to stop him and rescue the passengers and crew.

Beware the Batman. Volume 1 —Cohen, Ivan, author.
Graphic Novel
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"The popular Cartoon Network series makes its way to comics! Bruce Wayne spent years studying crime-fighting techniques from his butler/former secret spy Alfred Pennyworth. Together they will take on Gotham City's worst ...

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