6 Results
6 Results
Amazing world of Gumball : midsummer nightmare —Brennan, Megan, author.
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"All Darwin wants is a starring role in his school's upcoming theatrical production...too bad he freezes in the spotlight! Roping in Gumball to audition with him, Darwin accidentally helps unleash a curse on the school a...

Tunnel kingdom —Brennan, Megan, author.
Graphic Novel
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When Gumball sleeps through the delivery of his favorite new toy and it goes missing, it's up to him and Darwin to set off through town to solve the mystery of the missing toy. Gumball has his sights on one thing: getti...

The amazing world of Gumball. scrimmage scramble —Brennan, Megan, author.
Graphic Novel
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"When Anais goes to Darwin and Gumball for help in learning about sports to prove she can beat the new exchange student, things get out of hand when the whole school gets involved in a fake sport that her brothers totall...

The amazing world of Gumball. 3, Recipe for disaster —Brennan, Megan, author.
Graphic Novel
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Gumball and Anais are forced to choose between letting Mr. Dad and Darwin follow their dream of entering the Annual Elmore Bake-off or save the world, after future Gumball warns them of the reprecussions of the current b...

The amazing world of Gumball. Cheat code —Brennan, Megan, author.
Graphic Novel
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"Cheaters never prosper. But Gumball and Darwin don't know that! While the Watterson boys are grounded, their classmates advance ahead of them in the new, super-popular video game Monster Fight Friends. A mysterious and ...