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8 Results
Awakening the dragon : the dragon boat festival —Chan, Arlene.
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Provides information about the Chinese dragon boat festival, including the festival's origins, its customs, and the races themselves.

The Moon festival a Chinese mid-autumn celebration —Chan, Arlene.
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The legends of a Chinese mid-autumn celebration, the Moon Festival, and how it is celebrated. Includes the legend of how Hou Yi shoots down nine suns and saves the world from destruction, and how his wife Chang O takes a...

Spirit of the dragon the story of Jean Lumb, a proud Chinese Canadian —Chan, Arlene.
Restricted DAISY Zip (CELA)

Jean Lumb, a recipient of the Order of Canada, shares the story of her immigration to Canada, her contribution to the changing of Canada's immigration laws, and her efforts in saving Chinatown communities across Canada. ...