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Voyage with the Vikings —Hering, Marianne.

Beth and her cousin Patrick travel in Mr. Whittaker's invention, the Imagination station, to 1000 A.D. Greenland, where they meet Erik the Red and Leif Eriksson and witness the spread of Christianity in that country.

Revenge of the Red Knight —Hering, Marianne.

Eight-year-old cousins Patrick and Beth find themselves 1450's England during the War of the Roses, where they discover the missing treasures and meet the person who has been sending notes through the Imagination Station...

In fear of the spear —Hering, Marianne, author.

"Patrick and Beth have escaped from volcano lava only to be separated again, and no one knows exactly where Beth has gone. Eugene and Patrick frantically try to fix the Imagination Station so they can find Beth, who unbe...

Peril in the palace —Hering, Marianne.

Cousins Patrick and Beth travel in Mr. Whittaker's invention, the Imagination Station, to thirteenth-century China, where they meet Marco Polo and Kublai Khan and are mistaken for Christian shamans.

Showdown with the shepherd —Hering, Marianne.

Mr. Whittaker uses the Imagination Station to transport cousins Patrick and Beth to the Holy Land in 1000 B.C., where Hugh is trying to change history by helping the Philistines defeat the Israelites.

Attack in the arena —Hering, Marianne.

Patrick and his cousin Beth travel back in time to ancient Rome, where they meet Telemachus and help put an end to the spectacle of gladiators fighting to the death.

Freedom at the Falls —Hering, Marianne, author.

Cousins Patrick and Beth work to protect runaway slave Sally as they travel by train with President-elect Abraham Lincoln through northern New York state in 1861 aboard The Lincoln Special, getting assistance from Mrs. M...

Madman in Manhattan —Hering, Marianne, author.

"Join Patrick and Beth as they unravel the mysteries of the Imagination Station. The cousins travel to 1923 New York City, the home of Nikola Tesla, a quirky inventor. He has the knowledge to fix the damaged Imgination S...

Problems in Plymouth —Hering, Marianne.

When time-traveling cousins Patrick and Beth use the Imagination Station to go to Plymouth Colony in 1621 hoping to find Hugh and return him to his own time, they meet William Bradford, Myles Standish, and Squanto.

Rescue on the river —Hering, Marianne, author.

"In Rescue on the River, the third book in a three-part story arc focusing on Civil War America, cousins Patrick and Beth attend Abraham Lincoln's inauguration and discover that their friend's brother Kitch is a slave in...

Challenge on the hill of fire —Hering, Marianne.

Kidnapped by Celtic Druids in 433, Patrick and Beth are headed to certain death when followers of a former Irish Slave (Saint Patrick called Patritius in this book) save them. The cousins find themselves in the midst of ...

Inferno in Tokyo —Hering, Marianne, author.

After tsunami waves sweep over the Imagination Station, it breaks down completely. Patrick and Beth wash up on the shores of Japan on September 1, 1923. The cousins fear if the waters doesn't get them, the earthquake wil...

Escape to the hiding place —Hering, Marianne, author.

"World War Two has come to Holland--and so have Patrick and Beth. When the cousins hide at a farm with Dutch Resistance workers, they are given a secret mission: smuggling a Jewish baby to her mother"-- Provided by publi...

Danger on a silent night —Hering, Marianne, author.

"Knowing that death is in store for the Baby Jesus if the soldier finds Him, Beth and Patrick carry out a plan to keep the baby safe"-- Provided by publisher.

Light in the lion's den —Hering, Marianne, author.

During a lightning storm, Patrick and Beth are transported to Babylon where they meet King Darius and Daniel and find themselves in mortal danger.

Surprise at Yorktown —Hering, Marianne.

"Travel two centuries back in time to the final battle of the American Revolution at Yorktown, Virginia. Cousins Patrick and Beth sneak through trenches and race across battlefields to warn General George Washington abou...

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