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Epic tales from adventure time queen of rogues —MacDangereuse, T. T.
Graphic Novel
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Fionna is excited to receive an invitation to millionaire P. Gumballs' party aboard a yacht, but she finds her worst fears realized when the Ice Queen shows up and challenges P. Gumball to a race across the ocean.

Epic tales from adventure time : the untamed scoundrel —MacDangereuse, T. T.

When Sir Jacobus Gooddog meets Lady Rainicorn at a ball, he and his loyal manservant must set sail to rescue her from an evil witch so that he and Lady Rainicorn can be married.

Epic tales from adventure time--the virtue of ardor —MacDangereuse, T. T.

Join Flame Princess (also known as Phoebe) as she leaves her home for the city of Confectorium, a Candy Kingdom version of Ancient Rome. Will Phoebe's fire and passion lead her to danger and destruction, or will she find...