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Did you mean? Russe Marzipan
The bunnies are not in their beds —Russo, Marisabina, author.

"Some young rabbits would rather play than sleep, much to their parents' chagrin." -- (Source of summary not specified)

Little bird takes a bath —Russo, Marisabina.

The only thing Little Bird likes about rain is the puddles it leaves behind, but after flying through Manhattan to find the perfect puddle, his bath is interrupted again and again.

Sophie sleeps over —Russo, Marisabina, author, illustrator.

Sophie is nervous and excited about her first sleepover, but when she meets her best friend Olive's other best friend, Penelope, Sophie wants nothing more than to go straight home.

I will come back for you : a family in hiding during World War II —Russo, Marisabina.

A grandmother tells her granddaughter the story of the charm bracelet that represent her own childhood experiences while she and her family tried to evade the Nazis in Italy during World War II.

A very big bunny —Russo, Marisabina.

Amelia is so big that she is always last in line at school and none of the other students will play with her, but a special new classmate teaches her that size is not always the most important thing.

The big brown box —Russo, Marisabina.

As he plays in a very large box in his room and turns it into a house, then a cave, then a boat, Sam is reluctant to let his little brother Ben join him, but then he finds the perfect way for them to share.

Always remember me : how one family survived World War II —Russo, Marisabina.

Gramma has 2 photo albums - one of happy time after WW II, and one of sadder times from before - when their life in Germany was destroyed by the Nazis' rise to power. See how the power of the Jewish family's love for one...

Swim! —Rice, Eve.

A young girl describes all the things that she and her father do when they go to the swimming pool each Saturday morning.

The line up book —Russo, Marisabina.

Sam lines up blocks, books, boots, cars, and other objects, all the way from his room to his mother in the kitchen.

The trouble with baby —Russo, Marisabina.

Sam and his big sister Hannah have fun playing together, until Hannah gets a new doll for her birthday and begins paying so much attention to the doll that Sam gets jealous.

Grandpa Abe —Russo, Marisabina.

Grandpa Abe enters Sarah's life as her grandmother's boyfriend, becomes her grandfather by marriage, and enriches her life before leaving it.

Trade-in-mother —Russo, Marisabina.

Max discusses with his mother good reasons why he'd like to trade her in, but admits there is one reason to keep her.

When summer ends —Fowler, Susi Gregg.

A young child is sorry to see summer end until she remembers all the good things the other seasons bring.

Under the table —Russo, Marisabina.

A child who loves to hide away and play under a small table draws pictures on the bottom of the table top.

Why do grown-ups have all the fun? —Russo, Marisabina.

When Hannah is in bed unable to sleep, she imagines all the fun the grown-ups are having--doing all the things she herself likes to do.

The big fat worm —Van Laan, Nancy.

A rhythmic read-aloud tale describing a chain of events set in motion when a big fat bird tries to eat a big fat worm.

Easy-to-make spaceships that really fly —Blocksma, Mary.

Provides directions for spaceships that can be made without adult supervision from paper plates, straws, styrofoam cups, and other materials available in supermarkets. Includes suggestions for designing one's own spacesh...

It begins with an A —Calmenson, Stephanie.

Rhyming riddles challenge the reader to guess objects beginning with letters A to Z.

Peter is just a baby —Russo, Marisabina.

A big sister relates some of her accomplishments, which her baby brother is far from able to do.

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