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The decision —Vincenzi, Penny.

A child's fate will be decided in the courts during the divorce of a flamboyant couple.

Forbidden places —Vincenzi, Penny.

Wartime is never easy, and Grace Bennett and her two friends are doing the best they can. Forbidden Places reveals the stories of one young woman who is widowed after only five years of marriage, a wife who rethinks her ...

A perfect heritage —Vincenzi, Penny, author.

The legendary Athina Farrell remains the House of Farrell's company's figurehead and in her kingdom at the Berkeley Arcade, Florence Hamilton plies their cosmetics with the utmost discretion. She is sales advisor - and h...

The best of times —Vincenzi, Penny.

A hot summer's day, a crowded motorway, a split second that changed people's lives forever.

Something dangerous —Vincenzi, Penny.

Strong-willed and stubborn, Celia Lytton has struggled to establish her own publishing house during the glamourous and freewheeling 1920s. As a new decade dawns, there are ominous clouds on the horizon.

Sheer abandon —Vincenzi, Penny.

In 1986, an abandoned baby girl is found at Heathrow Airport. A year earlier, three girls had met on a backpacking holiday. By the time the foundling, Kate, is a teenager, the three have achieved success, one as a corpor...

No angel —Vincenzi, Penny.

Celia Lytton always gets what she wants. She marries the man she loves despite her parents' disapproval. She forges a formidable career in her husbands' publishing empire despite his protests. She makes choices despite t...

An absolute scandal —Vincenzi, Penny.

The story of a group of people whose fortunes are affected by the Lloyd's financial scandal of the eighties.

No angel —Vincenzi, Penny.

Set against the backdrop of the first belle epoque, that Edwardian era of immense luxury and immense social deprivation, moving into the horrors of the First World War and finally the outrageous glamour of the twenties.

A question of trust —Vincenzi, Penny, author.

1950s London. Tom Knelston is charismatic, working class and driven by ambition, ideals and passion. He is a man to watch. His wife Alice shares his vision. It seems they are the perfect match.Then out of the blue, Tom m...

An outrageous affair —Vincenzi, Penny.

Cloe Windsor discovered that the truth could kill when her famous, rich and charming husband committed suicide. Fleur FitzPatrick found out that the truth could kill during the long and painful journey to avenge her fath...

Sheer abandon —Vincenzi, Penny.
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Meeting by chance in 1985, three young women spend time together in Thailand before going their separate ways and are reunited many years later, unaware that the daughter abandoned at birth by one of them is now searchin...

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