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The big egg hunt —Weyn, Suzanne.

When Clifford and some of his dog friends participate in the Kids and Pups Egg Hunt, they demonstrate the meaning of friendship.

The magic school bus gets all dried up : a book about deserts —Weyn, Suzanne.

When Phoebe wonders how desert animals survive apparently without food or water, Ms. Frizzle and the Magic School Bus take the entire class on a very hot, but very informative, field trip.

Snowflake —Weyn, Suzanne.

Kelly and Chris, the owners of Fox Creek Farm, agree to keep Snowflake, an abandoned horse, after friends Emily, Anna, and Mandy volunteer to help care for him, but when it starts to get cold, the girls try to find a way...

Snowflake —Weyn, Suzanne.

While helping out at Fox Creek Farm, three girls try to find a way to pay for a new winter blanket needed by a Percheron horse that is new to the stables.

Playing for keeps —Weyn, Suzanne.

Taylor Henry thinks Wildwood Stables is perfect, even if it needs repair and a lot more money. Her gelding, Prince Albert, would be an asset to the stables, if he would let anyone else, other than Taylor, ride him.

Empty —Weyn, Suzanne.

When, just ten years in the future, oil supplies run out and global warming leads to devastating storms, senior high school classmates Tom, Niki, Gwen, Hector, and Brock realize that the world as they know it is ending a...

Clifford's hiccups —Weyn, Suzanne.

When Clifford develops the hiccups, his friends try to find a cure.

Bionic —Weyn, Suzanne, author.

A junior in high school, Mira has come back from a car crash with experimental prosthetics and chips that are implanted directly into her brain which has enhanced her hearing, and her athletic abilities--which all seems ...

Katie's angel —Weyn, Suzanne.

Katie's world turned upside down when her parents died. Forced to move in with uncaring relatives, she's never felt more alone. Finally she can't take it any more and she runs away. And that's when Katie discovers that s...

Ashley's love angel. —Weyn, Suzanne.

Ashley always hoped she'd have a boy in her life. Now she's got two! Dar who is handsome and older, and Jason who is quiet, shy and stutters.

Christina's dancing angel. —Weyn, Suzanne.

Christina's dance teacher thinks she should give up dancing as she will never have the right build for dancing. Christina thinks where there's a will there's a way. If she can only make herself over, she's sure her wishe...

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