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Superman the movie ; Superman II ; Superman III ; Superman IV : the quest for peace.

Superman : the movie: As an infant, Superman is sent to earth from the doomed planet Krypton. As he grows up, he learns he has super powers which he must hide from the ordinary mortals around him. But the time comes when...

Around the world in 80 days

Phlegmatic, punctual Englishman Phileas Fogg believes in progress, science, and intellectual deduction. When a member of the Reform Club challenges him on the impossibility of completing a round-the-world tour in eighty ...


Tells the story of Gandhi's adult life, when he led an entire country to freedom, using non-violent methods.

Father Goose

A beachcomber living on a south sea island during WWII works as a spotter for the navy. When he rescues a ship full of a teacher and 7 schoolgirls, his life becomes complicated.

Mutiny on the Bounty

In 1787, the HMS Bounty sets out on a journey that will take it through perilous seas to a tropical paradise--and into history as one of the most ill-fated vessels ever to sail for King and country.

DCeased. Unkillables —Taylor, Tom, 1978- author.
Graphic Novel
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"It's the end of the DC Universe as we know it. The Anti-Life virus has ravaged the Earth, turning its population--and most of its greatest heroes--into mindless, ravening zombies. The Justice League has fallen. The surv...

Battle of Britain

During the summer of 1940, England defends herself against Germany's Luftwaffe onslaught.

The Tudors. The complete series

The story of King Henry VIII, his six wives, and his break from the Roman Catholic Church to create the Church of England.

The third man
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A pulp fiction writer arrives in post-WWII Vienna at the invitation of a friend who has offered him a job. Once there, he discovers that a shortage of supplies has led to a flourishing black market and his friend has rec...

Green for danger

A postman dies on the operating table at a rural English hospital, in the midst of the Nazi blitz. But was his death accidental?

The glass house

Ruby is devastated when her parents are killed in a tragic car accident. With her younger brother Rhett, Ruby is sent to live with the legal guardians chosen by her parents. The Glasses live in an opulent Malibu mansion ...

Conflict Silence of the heart / David A. Simons Productions.

Side 1. Conflict: Martin Sheen stars in this riveting religious drama that pits the protectors or tradition against the emissaries of change. Sheen is empowered by the Vatican to help adminsister reforms within the Roman...


Scott's life was a fulfilling one. He loved his son and his job. When an accident takes the life of his son and puts Scott in a coma, the loss leaves him without the ability to feel. Only a nurse who has also felt pain c...

Time for murder. volume 1

These 3 episodes feature the literary talents of Michael Robson, Charles Wood, Fay Weldon, Antonia Fraser, Frances Galleymore, and Gordon Honeycombe. Each gives the genre his or her own peculiar twist, with results rangi...

Superman. the movie

A child from a dying planet is sent to earth, where he is brought up by human parents and poses as a newspaper reporter, becoming Superman when necessary to use his special powers to save others.

Superman. the movie
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A child from a dying planet is sent to Earth, where he is brought up by human parents and poses as a newspaper reporter, becoming Superman when necessary to use his special powers to save others.

Truth or die —Patterson, James, 1947-
Large Print
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"After a serious professional stumble, attorney Trevor Mann may have finally hit his stride. He's found happiness with his girlfriend Claire Parker, a beautiful, ambitious journalist always on the hunt for a scoop. But T...

The third man

An American western-adventure writer goes to post-World War II Vienna to find his friend Harry Lime, king-pin of the Austrian black market, only to find he has been murdered.

The mummy of Tutankhamun

The remarkable story of the chance meeting that transformed penniless, ostracised archaeologist Howard Carter into a household name following his discovery of the tomb of the boy-king, Tutankhamun.

Brief encounter

Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson star as middle-class suburbanites whose casual friendship evolves into a passionate yearning for each other. But as their affections grow stronger, they must face a difficult decision that...

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