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Mother's Day surprise —Krones, C. A., author.

Curious George needs to be creative to help his friends make Mother's Day special.

Curious George dragon dance —Nuchi, Adah, author.

George, Marco, and their new friend Lily get to dance in the dragon costume during the Chinese New Year parade.

Margret & H.A. Rey's Curious George visits the dentist —Perez, Monica, author.

When Curious George bites into a wax apple and gets a loose tooth, he and the man in the yellow hat head to the dentist's office where George's curiosity goes into full swing.

Margret & H.A. Rey's Merry Christmas, Curious George —Hapka, Cathy, author.

Separated from the man in the yellow hat while at a Christmas tree farm, Curious George ends up at a hospital where he delights the child patients with his own brand of tree trimming.

Curious George joins the team —Platt, Cynthia, author.

In this brand new Curious George story, George learns that a wheelchair doesn't stop his friend Tina from anything--even joining a basketball team.

Margret & H.A. Rey's Curious George's first day of school —Rey, Margret, author.

When Curious George attends the first day of school as a special helper, he winds up creating a big mess.

Curious George. A home for honeybees —Tibbott, Julie, author.

George and Steve accidentally eat all of Betsy's honeycomb for her Earth Day presentation about bees and resolve to find a way to replace the honeycomb before Betsy returns from dance class.

Margret & H.A. Rey's Curious George and the firefighters —Rey, Margret, author.

While on a field trip to a fire station with Mrs. Gray's class, Curious George goes off on his own and is soon at the scene of a fire, where he finds a way to be helpful.

Margret & H.A. Rey's Curious George's dinosaur discovery —Hapka, Cathy.

Curious George and the man in the yellow hat help some scientists dig for dinosaur bones.

Follow that hat! —Charlesworth, Liza, author.

Follow that hat! The man's yellow hat has run away ... all by itself. But how? Hats don't have legs! Or do they?

New adventures of Curious George —Rey, Margret.

The adventures of the ingenious little monkey who left the jungle to live with the man in the yellow hat.

Librarian for a day —Tibbott, Julie, 1978- author.

"Curious George helps out in the library and learns that organizing books makes them easier to find"--Page [4] of cover.

Super George! —Charlesworth, Liza, author.

George emabarks on a caper across town determined to help those he finds, but soon finds himself faced with a real crime.

Curious George : farm to table —Fenner, Julie M.

George's friend Marco wants to make his famous tortillas for his abuela's birthday, and George is happy to help! But when George knocks over the bag of masa and the grocery store is all out, George and Marco are worried ...

Margret & H.A. Rey's Curious George goes to the beach —Rey, Margret, author.

Curious George has fun feeding the sea gulls at the beach and then saves the day when he rescues a picnic basket and helps his friend overcome her fear of the water.

Margret & H.A. Rey's Curious George and the birthday surprise —Rey, Margret, author.

When the man in the yellow hat tells George that he is planning a surprise, of course George is curious. Before long George figures it out that it is a birthday, but whose birthday? That's the surprise.

Margret & H.A. Rey's Curious George and the hot air balloon —Rey, Margret, author.

While visiting Mount Rushmore, Curious George gets into mischief when he takes an unplanned ride on a hot air balloon.

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