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Did you mean? Environment protection
100 things to know about saving the planet

How could plastic-eating bacteria help reduce waste? Can a river be given human rights? Could we generate all the power we need from the sun and the wind? How do woolly sweaters help penguins in peril? Would building a g...

The overstory : a novel —Powers, Richard, 1957- author.

A novel of activism and natural-world power presents interlocking fables about nine remarkable strangers who are summoned in different ways by trees for an ultimate, brutal stand to save the continent's few remaining acr...

Judy Moody saves the world —McDonald, Megan, author.

When Judy Moody gets serious about protecting the environment, her little brother Stink thinks she is overdoing it, but she manages to inspire her third grade class to undertake an award-winning, environment-saving proje...

You can change the world : the kids' guide to a better planet —Bell, Lucy, author.

Kids around the world are working together to make our planet a better, safer, happier place--and now you can join in with this practical guide! You Can Change the World empowers kids to make changes in their lives and c...

Just a dream —Van Allsburg, Chris.

When he has a dream about a future Earth devastated by pollution, Walter begins to understand the importance of taking care of the environment.

The Berenstain Bears go green —Berenstain, Jan, 1923-2012.

"The Berenstain Bears live in a wonderful place filled with green grass, blue skies, and lots of furry friends. But on a fishing trip at the creek, the Bear family discovers that the town dump is overflowing. It's spilli...

The Berenstain Bears' nature rescue —Berenstain, Stan, 1923-2005, author.

When Brother's class studies birds, the citizens of Bear Country end up choosing sides in a battle between environmentalists and those who want to cut down the trees in Birder's Woods to build houses.

The pout-pout fish cleans up the ocean —Diesen, Deborah, author.

Mr. Fish and an increasing number of sea creatures investigate, then decide how to deal with, a huge mess in the ocean. Includes tips for the reader to help clean up and protect the ocean.

Under a white sky : the nature of the future —Kolbert, Elizabeth, author.

"The Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Sixth Extinction returns to humanity's transformative impact on the environment, now asking: After doing so much damage, can we change nature, this time to save it? That man shou...

Greta and the giants : inspired by Greta Thunberg's stand to save the world —Tucker, Zoë, author.

This inspiring picture book retells the story of Nobel Peace Prize nominee Greta Thunberg-- the Swedish teenager who has led a global movement to raise awareness about the world's climate crisis-- using allegory to make ...

Every day is Earth Day —O'Connor, Jane.

When Nancy, the girl who loves to use fancy words, learns about Earth Day and "being green," her enthusiasm causes problems at home.

Nibi is water = Nibi aawon nbiish —Robertson, Joanne, 1960-

"A board book about the importance of Nibi, which means water in Anishinaabemowin (Ojibwe), and our role to thank, respect, love, and protect it. Written from an Anishinaabe water protector's perspective, the book is in ...

Earth Day —McNamara, Margaret.

When Mrs. Connor's class celebrates Earth Day, Emma decides to start small by recycling, using only what she needs, and picking up trash when she goes for a walk.

Hoot —Hiaasen, Carl, author.

Roy, who is new to his small Florida community, becomes involved in another boy's attempt to save a colony of burrowing owls from a proposed construction site.

Quest for clean water —Bardhan-Quallen, Sudipta, author.

Purrmaids Coral, Shelly, and Angel help clean up the ocean as a school project and rescue the brother of their mermicorn friend, Sirena, who is trapped by plastic soda rings.

The water walker —Robertson, Joanne, 1960- author.

"This is the story of a determined Ojibwe Grandmother (Nokomis) Josephine Mandamin and her great love for Nibi (Water). Nokomis walks to raise awareness of our need to protect Nibi for future generations, and for all lif...

It's Earth Day! —Mayer, Mercer, 1943-

After Little Critter learns about Earth Day in school, he does everything he can to help protect the environment and save the polar bears from global warming, but he gets discouraged when his Climate Control Machine fail...

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