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Of mice and men —Steinbeck, John, 1902-1968.

Streetwise George and his big, childlike friend Lennie are drifters, searching for work in the fields and valleys of California. They have nothing except the clothes on their back, and a hope that one day they'll find a ...

Eva and Baby Mo —Elliott, Rebecca, author.

Eva offers to babysit for little brother Baby Mo so her parents can go sky-dancing competition, and she enlists a couple of her friends to help--unfortunately Mo proves to be a handful, eating too much candy, making a bi...

Invisible Emmie —Libenson, Terri, author.

"This is the story of two totally different girls--quiet, shy, artistic Emmie and popular, outgoing, athletic Katie--and how their lives unexpectedly intersect one day, when an embarrassing note falls into the wrong hand...

Time for school, Little Blue Truck —Schertle, Alice, author.

Ride along to school with the #1 NYT bestselling Little Blue Truck and meet Blue's new friend: a bright yellow school bus. Beep-beep! A Dewey Diva pick. Ages 4 to 7.

Diary of a wimpy kid : Greg Heffley's journal —Kinney, Jeff, author.

Greg records his sixth grade experiences in a middle school where he and his best friend, Rowley, undersized weaklings amid boys who need to shave twice daily, hope just to survive, but when Rowley grows more popular, Gr...

Firefly Lane —Hannah, Kristin, author.

"In the turbulent summer of 1974, Kate Mularkey has accepted her place at the bottom of the eighth-grade social food chain. Then, to her amazement, the "coolest girl in the world" moves in across the street and wants to ...

Little Blue Truck's valentine —Schertle, Alice, author.

A small blue truck makes special deliveries for Valentine's Day, bringing cards to all his friends.

The girl with the cat —Brenna, Beverley, 1962- author.

"Nine-year-old Caroline Markham visits the local art gallery - and makes an extraordinary discovery. In one corner there is something even more compelling than the paintings. It's a sculpture of a girl named Nina with a ...

The wish tree —Maclear, Kyo, 1970- author.

In winter Charles and his trusty toboggan set out to find the wish tree, and along the way he helps to make the wishes of his friends Squirrel, Fox, and Beaver come true.

Norman didn't do it! : (yes, he did.) —Higgins, Ryan T., author, illustrator.

Norman, a porcupine whose best friend is a tree named Mildred, begins to feel jealous when another tree grows close to Mildred and acts out against the new tree.

Fluffy McWhiskers cuteness explosion —Martin, Stephen W., author.

Fluffy McWhiskers is so cute that anyone who sees her instantly explodes, making it difficult for the little cat to find a single friend.

Bear is a bear —Stutzman, Jonathan, author.

Bear is ... a new friend, a fellow mischief-maker, a protector, and a dreamer. Through all the many ups and downs of a little girl's childhood, Bear is there to provide love and support. Until it is time to say goodbye ....

Happy Valentine's day, Mouse! —Numeroff, Laura Joffe, author.

"Join Mouse from 'If you give a mouse a cookie' as he celebrates Valentine's Day with all the friends he loves"-- Page [4] of cover.

Stick and Stone. Best friends forever! —Ferry, Beth, author.

This ode to unconditional love is a brand new adventure for New York Times best-selling duo Stick and Stone, in which Stick searches for his family tree and discovers the importance of found family and forever friends.

Bubbles : a Narwhal and Jelly board book —Clanton, Ben, 1988- author, illustrator.

"When Narwhal accidentally bursts Jelly's bubble with his tusk-tooth, Jelly is a little sad ... until Narwhal shows him that there are lots of bubbles in the ocean!."

Abby in Wonderland —Mlynowski, Sarah, author.

Instead of the usual fairy tale, Abby finds herself in the middle of a book, Alice in Wonderland, with two of her friends, plus bossy Penny (who is definitely not a friend), and in order to get back to reality she must s...

Blankie : a Narwhal and Jelly board book —Clanton, Ben, 1988- author, illustrator.

"Narwhal and Jelly come across a strange object and wonder what its purpose might be."

The girl who drank the moon —Barnhill, Kelly Regan, author.

"An epic fantasy about a young girl raised by a witch, a swamp monster, and a Perfectly Tiny Dragon, who must unlock the powerful magic buried deep inside her. Every year, the people of the Protectorate leave a baby as a...

I'm sorry —Black, Michael Ian, 1971- author.

When Potato hurt Flamingo's feelings a friend helps him realize the power of an apology.

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