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Once upon a frog —Mlynowski, Sarah, author.

Abby is worried because Jonah has the fairy Maryrose's memories mixed up with his own, but when they try to talk to her they get sucked through the mirror and find themselves in the story of The Frog Prince.

Theo's princess —DeLange, Ellen, author.

Theo had always heard stories about a princess kissing a frog and turning it into a prince. He wished that one day a cute princess would turn him into a prince too. Would Theo succeed in finding his princess?

Transformed : the perils of the Frog Prince —Morrison, Megan, 1976- author.

Prince Syrah of the Olive Isles used to be human (and a jerk), but for the last fifteen months, he has been a frog (still a jerk) and he would really, really, like to be human again; although life has been a little bette...