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The Boxcar Children Graphic Novels —Denton, Shannon Eric.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 15 of 26

Henry, Jessie, Violet and Benny Alden are brothers and sisters -- and they're orphans. The only way they can stay together is to make it on their own. One night, during a storm, the children find an old red boxcar that k...

The alchemist a graphic novel —Coelho, Paulo
Graphic Novel
Availability: 3 of 7

Offers an adaptation in graphic novel format of a modern classic about the globe-trotting spiritual journey of a humble shepherd boy.

Monstress. Volume one, Awakening —Liu, Marjorie M., author.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 3 of 5

"Set in an alternate matriarchal 1900's Asia, in a richly imagined world of art deco-inflected steam punk, MONSTRESS tells the story of a teenage girl who is struggling to survive the trauma of war, and who shares a myst...

Jessica Jones. Vol.1, Alias —Bendis, Brian Michael, author.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 1 of 1

Meet Jessica Jones. Once upon a time, she was a costumed super hero -- but not a very good one. Her powers were unremarkable compared to the amazing abilities of the costumed icons that populate the Marvel Universe. In a...

On the case with Holmes and Watson. 1, Sherlock Holmes and a scandal in Bohemia —Shaw, Murray.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 15 of 16

Retold in graphic novel form, Sherlock Holmes attempts to retrieve a photograph being used to blackmail the King of Bohemia and finds something even more valuable. Includes a section explaining Holmes's reasoning and the...

Astonishing X-Men : Life of X —Soule, Charles, author.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 2 of 3

The X-Men head to the astral plane in search of the Shadow King, a powerful ancient evil that is attacking the world's most powerful minds.

Kiss number 8 —Venable, Colleen A. F., author.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 7 of 9

"Mads is pretty happy with her life. She goes to church with her family, and minor league baseball games with her dad. She goofs off with her best friend Cat, and has thus far managed to avoid getting kissed by Adam, the...

Plants vs. zombies. Garden warfare. #2 —Tobin, Paul, 1965-

The kids meet their future selves and they have a dire warning. Zomboss is stealing technology from the future to build his zombie army and takeover Neighborville. Nate and Patrice are sent to the ice cream cruise as gua...

Scarlet witch. Volume 3, Final hex —Robinson, James, 1963-
Graphic Novel
Availability: 1 of 2

The SCARLET WITCH travels to SERBIA to dive deep into her Romany roots! Who were her parents? Where does she come from? Wanda will discover the answers...and seek her revenge!

The underwater welder —Lemire, Jeff.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 5 of 7

"As an underwater welder on an oilrig off the coast of Nova Scotia, Jack Joseph is used to the immense pressures of deep-sea work. Nothing, however, could prepare him for the pressures of impending fatherhood. As Jack di...

Star Wars, Knights of the Old Republic. Volume 7, Dueling ambitions —Miller, John Jackson.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 0 of 1

"Free at last from the false charges against him, former Jedi student Zayne Carrick is ready and able to seek his fortune across the galaxy. Accepting a partnership with his con-artist companion Gryph, Zayne and his frie...

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