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Moon —Ehasz, Aaron, author.

With their world on the brink of war, three young heroes from opposite sides of the conflict embark on a dangerous quest that could change everything. This beautiful book expands on the events of Season 1 of the hit Netf...

The garden of Abdul Gasazi —Van Allsburg, Chris.

When the dog he is caring for runs away from Alan into the forbidden garden of a retired dog-hating magician, a spell seems to be cast over the contrary dog.

Enigma : a magical mystery —Base, Graeme.

When Bertie the badger visits his grandfather at a retirement home for magicians, he learns that his grandfather's rabbit, Enigma, has disappeared along with everyone's magical things, and the reader is invited to help b...

The drop of doom —Mason, Adrienne.

Lu and Clancy foil a robbery at the carnival and learn how to do a simple magic trick.

The stolen prince of Cloudburst —Moriarty, Jaclyn, author.

"Jaci Moriarty's stories are always filled with chocolate, friendship, and the unexpected; here, she gives readers a tale of mystery, magic, and power reclaimed! Esther is a middle child, in her own mind a pale reflectio...

Hurry up, Houdini! —Osborne, Mary Pope.

"Join Jack and Annie as they as they meet one of the world's most famous illusionists - Harry Houdini!"-- Provided by publisher.

The magic trick —Roth, Megan, author.

"With the help of Mr. Gruber and a new magic kit, Paddington becomes Paddington the Magnificent"-- back cover.

Franklin and the magic show —Jennings, Sharon.

Franklin puts on a magic show for his friends, but finds that his disappearing trick doesn't work. His father teaches him some easy tricks, so his next magic show is a success.

Captain Awesome says the magic word —Kirby, Stan, author.

"After seeing a real live magic show, Eugene has decided he wants to become a magician. So he studies magic tricks and practices them on anyone he can. Then his teacher announces that her students will all be sharing som...

High time for heroes —Osborne, Mary Pope.

"Jack and Annie are magically transported to mid-1800's Thebes where they are saved from a dangerous accident by Florence Nightingale!"--

The disappearing magician —Dickson, Louise, 1959-

Lu and Clancy foil a robbery on a boat trip and learn how to do a simple magic trick.

Nancy Drew, girl detective. #14, Sleight of Dan —Petrucha, Stefan.
Graphic Novel
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Nancy, Ned, and George attend the show of a magician named Dan, in which he makes his assistant disappear, and Nancy investigates when the girl fails to reappear.

Poof! A bot! —Milgrim, David.

Illustrations and simple text relate how Zip, the unlucky alien magician, zaps a bot and tells it what to do, but the bot does not listen.

The vanishing coin —Egan, Kate, author.

Mike reluctantly bonds with good-girl neighbor Nora while learning fun skills at The White Rabbit magic shop, the owner of which believes Mike could become a great magician.

Humphrey's mixed-up magic trick —Birney, Betty G., author.

"The students of Room 26 are doing reports about the jobs they want to have when they grow up--and Humphrey the classroom pet hamster helps aspiring magician Miranda show the class about her own dream job"-- Provided by ...

Hat tricks —Kitamura, Satoshi, author, illustrator.

A rabbit in a hat performs a magic show.

Rabbit cadabra —Howe, James, 1946-

When Chester learns that the Amazing Karlovsky will use a rabbit in his school magic show, he comes up with a plan to stop vampire bunnies.

Great escape —Egan, Kate, author.

Mike is doing better in school these days. Learning magic helps him to learn other things as well. Sure, he's gotten in trouble in the past, but things are different now. So why does everyone still think he's the same ol...

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