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9 Results
Certain prey —Sandford, John, 1944 February 23- author.
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The bitter season —Hoag, Tami, author.
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"As the dreary, bitter weather of late fall descends on Minneapolis, Detective Nikki Liska is restless, already bored with her new assignment to the cold case squad. She misses the rush of pulling an all-nighter and the ...

The 1st victim —Hoag, Tami.
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"Sam Kovac and Nikki Liska return to investigate the death of a Jane Doe in New York Times bestseller Tami Hoag's short story The 1st Victim. New Year's Day is a time for new beginnings, but Minneapolis homicide detectiv...

The body keeper —Frasier, Anne, author.
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"Detective Jude Fontaine finds a decades-old connection to missing children that will freeze her blood. A boy's frozen body is found trapped in the ice of a Minneapolis lake. The horrifying discovery leads Detective Jude...

Invisible prey —Sandford, John, 1944 February 23-
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In a wealthy neighbourhood of Minneapolis, two elderly women have been murdered in their home. A random theft? Davenport doesn't think so and, as it happens, he's right. But the killers expected him to figure it out and ...

The bitter season —Hoag, Tami, author.
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Storm prey —Sandford, John, 1944 February 23-

Weather Karkinnen, surgeon, wife of an investigator named Lucas Davenport, unwittingly witnesses the robbery of the hospital pharmacy where she works. With the death of a pharmacy worker on their hands, the three thieves...

The 9th girl —Hoag, Tami.
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The 9th Girl focuses on the ninth unidentified body to turn up in Minneapolis in 2012, nicknamed Jane Doe 9. When Kovac and Liska take on the case, they discover a shocking fact: This victim has been found without any id...

Dust to dust —Hoag, Tami.

Sorry. The single word was written on a mirror. In front of it hung the Minneapolis Internal Affairs cop. Was it suicide? Or a kinky act turned tragic? Either way, it wasn't murder. At least not according to the powers t...