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The outdoor scientist : the wonder of observing the natural world —Grandin, Temple, author.

"A guide to exploring the outdoors and asking questions about nature"-- Provided by publisher.

The lost words : a spell book —Macfarlane, Robert, 1976- author.

"From bestselling Landmarks author Robert Macfarlane and acclaimed artist and author Jackie Morris, a beautiful illustrated book for readers young and old. All over the country, there are words disappearing from children...

The Alps

Spanning 750 miles from the Mediterranean Sea to the Adriatic Sea, the Alps connect eight European countries. From sea level to peaks rising higher than 12,000 feet, and with many of the world's environments located with...

Counting on fall —Flatt, Lizann, author.

Journey into the natural world in the fall and discover that numbers, patterns, shapes -- and much more! -- can be found by observing everyday plants and animals.


Primates have been called the highest order of animal with big brains, adaptability, tool-usage, social structures, and personalities. Learn more about familiar species and discover new ones, such as the newly-found bald...

The tree in me —Luyken, Corinna, author, illustrator.

Through text and illustrations of children reveling in nature, explores the various ways we as human beings are strong, creative, and connected to others.

Sharks of Hawaii

With some 40 species of shark calling Hawaii's waters home, scientists are seeing new animal behavior around every corner. Hopping from island to island, uncover surprising moments of cooperation, rarely seen hunting tac...

My first 100 nature words —Ferrie, Chris, author.

"A simple and colorful introduction to the first 100 nature words every baby should know, from glacier to algae to vertebrate, and so much more!" -- Provided by publisher.

Hello, harvest moon —Fletcher, Ralph J., author.

Poetic prose describes a full autumn moon and the magical effect it has on the earth, plants, animals, and people around it.

A walk through nature : a Clover Robin peek-through book —Walden, Libby, author.

Our natural world transforms every day and month and year. But if we don't take time to look, wonders fade and disappear... A first book of nature that encourages young readers to pause and notice when flowers bloom, dis...

Even the smallest will grow —Judge, Lita, author, illustrator.

At bedtime, a mother uses images from nature to tell her daughter that she will grow to become anything she wants to be, although it will take time.

Braiding sweetgrass : indigenous wisdom, scientific knowledge, and the teachings of plants —Kimmerer, Robin Wall, author.

"As a botanist, Robin Wall Kimmerer has been trained to ask questions of nature with the tools of science. As a member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation, she embraces the notion that plants and animals are our oldest teac...

Mouse loves spring —Thompson, Lauren, 1962- author.

A mouse and its mother experience the delights of nature on a windy spring day.

Apocalypse never : why environmental alarmism hurts us all —Shellenberger, Michael, author.

"Environmental expert Michael Shellenberger unleashes a scientific, fact-based broadside against eco-alarmism and the excesses of the New Left, arguing that climate change isn't a 30-year problem, but a 300-year problem"...

The secret wisdom of nature : trees, animals, and the extraordinary balance of all living things : stories from science and observation —Wohlleben, Peter, 1964- author.

PREVIOUS BOOK IN SERIES: THE INNER LIFE OF ANIMALS, ISBN 9781771643016. Following the hugely successful 'The Hidden Life of Trees' and 'The Inner Life of Animals', NYT bestselling author Peter Wohlleben completes 'The My...

The wonders of nature —Hoare, Ben, author.

Collects over one hundred specimens of the natural world, profiling rocks and minerals, microscopic life, plants, and animals.

Okavango river of dreams

Experience the wildlife of the Okavango Delta, an oasis and lush paradise in Southern Africa that connects a wide array of creatures. Lions chase elephants, who chase hippos, who chase crocodiles.

Force of nature the David Suzuki movie = Force de la nature : le film de David Suzuki

David Suzuki, iconic Canadian scientist, educator, broadcaster, and activist, delivers a lecture on the eve of his 75th birthday, which he describes as a distillation of his life and thoughts, his legacy, what he wants t...

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