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42 Results
Harvey comes home —Nelson, Colleen, author.
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"A young boy volunteering at a retirement home finds a stray dog and notices that it revives decades-old memories for a bitter resident. The boy bonds with the resident as he listens to stories about growing up in Saskat...

Santa Baby —Stutzman, Jonathan, author.
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"An exhausted Santa wishes for youth and ends up becoming a baby days before Christmas"-- Provided by publisher.

Mr. Putter and Tabby pick the pears —Rylant, Cynthia.
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When he gets too old to climb up the ladder, Mr. Putter and his cat Tabby figure out an ingenious way to pick pears for pear jelly

The house at the end of the road —Rust, Kari, author, illustrator.
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"A girl and her brother are spending summer vacation with their grandmother. Their troublemaker cousin, Robert, is there, too, and one day, he dares the kids to poke around what seems like an abandoned house. The kids ha...

There was an old lady who swallowed a clover! —Colandro, Lucille, author.
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You won't believe why this old lady swallowed a clover, a daisy, a butterfly, a bird, a pot, some gold, and a fiddle! Read this book to find out.

Our favorite day —Oh, Joowon, author, illustrator.
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"Every morning Papa follows his normal routine. He drinks his tea, waters his plants, tidies up, and takes the bus into town. Papa enjoys his daily tasks, but there's one day each week that is extra special. That's the d...

Red parka Mary —Eyvindson, Peter.
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The seven year old First Nations boy who was once afraid of his elderly neighbor learns that she is really very friendly and has much to teach him. After he gives her the gift of a red parka, she promises to give him a f...

Harvey holds his own —Nelson, Colleen, author.
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"A plucky West Highland Terrier named Harvey is determined to protect his yard from an intruding animal. Meanwhile, Harvey's owner Maggie struggles to fit in at school, his friend Austin works to prevent his grandfather ...

The truth about grandparents —Ellis, Elina, author, illustrator.
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A child relates strange things that might be heard about grandparents, but concludes that they are amazing.

Maebelle's suitcase —Tusa, Tricia.
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An elderly woman sacrifices a treasured prize to help her friend, a young bird, make his first flight south.

Jeremiah learns to read —Bogart, Jo Ellen, 1945-
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"An elderly farmer fulfills his dream of learning how to read. Features vibrant painted illustrations" Cf. Our choice, 1998-1999.

Little white cabin —Plain, Ferguson, 1962-
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Ghost cat —Abley, Mark.
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Miss Wilkinson lives with her cat Tommy Douglas. When he dies, her grief and loneliness drain the joy from her life. Then one night, when she had reached a very low point, Tommy Douglas makes himself known to her...

The Cay —Taylor, Theodore, 1921-2006.
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While escaping the German occupation of Curaçao, the freighter, Phillip and his mother are traveling on is torpedoed. They are separated and the eleven-year-old boy finds himself in company of an old West Indian on a sm...

Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge —Fox, Mem, 1946-
10 available of 12 items

A small boy tries to discover the meaning of "memory" so he can restore that of an elderly friend.

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