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Dragon's fire —McCaffrey, Anne.

When a mine containing firestone, the mineral that gives the dragons of Pern their ability to breathe fire, explodes, killing the miners trapped there, young Cristov volunteers to take over the dangerous task of retrievi...

Dragon's code —McCaffrey, Gigi, author.

"A new hero emerges in a divided world as one of sci-fi's most beloved series--Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern--relaunches with this original adventure from Anne's daughter, Gigi McCaffrey. In honor of the fiftiet...

Dragon's time —McCaffrey, Anne.

Weyrwoman Fiona struggles to keep her surviving Weyr in fighting shape while Lorana plans a complicated time-travel journey to save their world.

Dragon's kin —McCaffrey, Anne.

Thanks to the efforts of a young harper-in-training and a blind girl with an affinity for the beasts, the dragonriders will finally learn about the special talents of the dragons' distant cousins, the watch-whers.

The chronicles of Pern : first fall —McCaffrey, Anne.

Let the queen of dragons herself take you back to the earliest days of Pernese history as Anne McCaffrey brings to life events that shaped one of the most popular worlds in all of science fiction, in this first-ever Pern...

Dragondrums —McCaffrey, Anne.

When his boy soprano voice begins to change, Piemur is drafted by Masterharper Robinton to help with political work and is sent on missions that lead him into unusual and sometimes dangerous adventures.

The masterharper of Pern —McCaffrey, Anne.

A child prodigy-turned-Masterharper, Robinton must fight for his life when the citizens of Pern begin to doubt his and other Harpers' warnings of the coming of the dreaded Thread, and he uses his love of music, telepathi...

The skies of Pern —McCaffrey, Anne.

Now that Threadfall is no longer a danger, the people of Pern are free to leave their stone holds and spread across the planet, as well as improve their lives with the newly discovered ancient technology. But what functi...

Pegasus in flight —McCaffrey, Anne.

"As director of the Jerhattan Parapsychic Center, telepath Rhyssa Owen coordinated the job assignments for psychically gifted Talents. And though she had her hands full dealing with the unreasonable demand for kinetics t...

Dragon Harper —McCaffrey, Anne.
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A mysterious illness may succeed in doing what Threadfall could not: kill every last human on Pern.

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