4 Results
4 Results
My little pony, the manga. A day in the life of Equestria. Vol. 1 —Lumsdon, David, author.
Graphic Novel
6 available of 9 items

"When Pinkie Pie lends a hoof to help Twilight Sparkle and Spike clean up the castle Library, she discovers a mysterious mirror with the power to gaze into alternate realities. Upon entering the portal-like mirror, Pinki...

Kingdom hearts. 2, Chain of memories —Amano, Shiro.
Graphic Novel
2 available of 2 items

Sora, Donald and Goofy continue their quest to rescue King Mickey and Riku in time. Plus, who is the strange Kiari look-alike that Sora sees in his vision? Is she connected to the "Organization" or is she another lost so...

Interworld —Gaiman, Neil.
13 available of 14 items

At nearly fifteen years of age, Joey Harker learns that he is a Walker, able to travel between dimensions, and soon joins a team of different versions of himself, each from another dimension, to fight the evil forces str...

Ten thousand skies above you : a Firebird novel —Gray, Claudia, author.
9 available of 9 items

As eighteen-year-old Marguerite struggles to get to the heart of the corrupt company that almost killed her father, she tries to save the boy she loves, whose soul is scattered in various dimensions.