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82 Results
82 Results
The year of the rooster : tales from the Chinese zodiac —Chin, Oliver Clyde, 1969- author.
2 available of 2 items

"The young rooster Ray befriends the girl Ying, as well as other animals of the Chinese lunar calendar, and demonstrates the qualities of a confident adventurer. Lists the birth years and characteristics of individuals b...

The Loopy Coop hens —Stoeke, Janet Morgan.
21 available of 27 items

"The Loopy Coop hens. Meet Midge. Meet Dot. Meet Pip. They are hens. They want to fly. Watch them try...and try...and try."--P. [4] of cover.

The rooster who would not be quiet! —Deedy, Carmen Agra, author.
Book + CD
1 available of 3 items

"The mayor of the noisy city of La Paz institutes new laws forbidding all singing, but a brave little rooster decides he must sing, despite the progressively severe punishments he receives for continuing to crow. The sil...

Rooster wore skinny jeans —Miller, Jessie, author.
6 available of 10 items

Rooster is so excited when his new skinny jeans arrive, but the other animals' reactions to his stunning new style is not what he expected.

Wake up, Henry Rooster! —Ruurs, Margriet.
39 available of 42 items

Henry the rooster hates to get up in the morning. When his father goes away for a convention and leaves Henry in charge, Henry fails at his task until the wise old goat comes up with a solution.

Chick 'n' Pug —Sattler, Jennifer Gordon.
8 available of 11 items

Chick leaves the boring coop in order to find his hero, Wonder Pug, and a little bit of excitement.

Elvis the rooster almost goes to heaven —Cazet, Denys.
20 available of 20 items

Cook-a-Doodle-Doo! —Stevens, Janet.
7 available of 7 items

With the questionable help of his friends, Big Brown Rooster manages to bake a strawberry shortcake which would have pleased his great-grandmother, Little Red Hen.

Cock-a-doodle quack! quack! —Baddiel, Ivor.
6 available of 6 items

A baby rooster learns through trial and error what sounds he must crow in the morning to wake up the rest of the farm.

Henry and the fox —Wormell, Christopher.
1 available of 3 items

Henry the rooster is afriaid of everything and can hardly crow. All the chickens in the farmyard make fun of him until one day his only friend comes up with a plan to make him look brave.

Get up, Rick! —Campoy, F. Isabel.
6 available of 8 items

When Rick the rooster sleeps through the sunrise, his clever friends give him just the thing to help.

Cock-a-doodle oops! —Degman, Lori.
7 available of 9 items

"While the rooster is gone, the pig, cow, sheep, and other farm animals attempt to rouse Farmer McPeeper with "cock-a-doodle SQUEAL," "cock-a-doodle MOO," and "cock-a-doodle BAAAA," with hilarious results"-- Provided by ...

A crow of his own —Lambert, Megan Dowd.
8 available of 9 items

Clyde the rooster is a little scrawny, so he is having a hard time trying to measure up to his predecessor on the farm--but with a little help from a friendly goose he may find a crow of his own.

The mixed-up rooster —Edwards, Pamela Duncan.
12 available of 13 items

Ned the rooster is fired from his job because he cannot wake up in the morning, but he restores his reputation after discovering his usefulness as a night bird.

Brewster rooster —Lucas, Berny.
15 available of 15 items

Elvis the rooster and the magic words —Cazet, Denys.
12 available of 14 items

Elvis, a proud rooster, learns a lesson in manners after a handsome peacock visits his farm.

Chicken Chuck —Martin, Bill, 1916-2004.
1 available of 1 items

Chicken Chuck the rooster, who has set himself up as boss of the barnyard by virtue of the special blue feather in the middle of his forehead, finds his authority undermined by a circus horse with two blue feathers.

Bob —Pearson, Tracey Campbell.
5 available of 5 items

While looking for someone to teach him how to crow, a rooster learns to sound like many different animals and finds that his new skills come in handy.

The magical rooster : a tale in English and Chinese = Hua gong ji —Li, Jian (Art teacher), author, illustrator.
1 available of 1 items

This beautifully illustrated multicultural children's book tells the story of a young boy and his magical rooster in both English and Chinese. Long long ago, there lived a boy named Tang Yun. He studied very hard and was...

Cock-a-doodle Dudley —Peet, Bill.
13 available of 13 items

Dudley the rooster's ability to make the sun rise with his crowing is questioned by a spiteful goose, whose malice almost destroys the popular rooster.

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