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Rappy goes to Mars —Gutman, Dan, author.

When he takes a ride in a UFO to meet Janet, the head alien, Rappy must decide whether to live with her on Mars or return home.

Rappy goes to the library —Gutman, Dan, author.

When his class visits the library, Rappy uses his raps and rhymes to convince his bored classmates that the library is a fun place to be.

Rappy and his favorite things —Gutman, Dan.

Rappy the Raptor and his classmates write poems about their favorite things to celebrate Poetry Week.

Catching the velociraptor —Stone, Rex.

When a velociraptor steals Jamie's lunch and his Fossil Finder the boys chase the speedy thief down a creek bed, through a valley of geyers, and right into a raptor den.

Rappy goes to the supermarket —Gutman, Dan, author.

When his mother forgets her shopping list, Rappy uses his raps and rhymes to help her remember what she needs from the grocery store.

Velociraptors —Emmons, Scott, author.

"Get ready to meet the rapping velociraptors. They've got pointy teeth, sharp claws, and mad rhymes" --publisher's website

If I had a raptor —O'Connor, George, author.

A spunky little girl imagines how wonderful it would be to have a pet baby velociraptor with whom she could cuddle, stalk dust bunnies, and play all kinds of games.

Velociraptor : small and speedy —Bentley, Dawn

When a velociraptor and his pack explore a velley for food, water, and new challenges, the other animals get out of their way.

The very naughty velociraptor —Falk, Nick, author.

Tom and Tam's lives are thrown into disarray with the arrival of their dreaded Great Aunt Gertrude. She's totally disgusting and is blaming them for a whole lot of strange occurrences. Even worse, she'd threatening to mo...