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23 Results
Jacob's wound a search for the spirit of wildness —Herriot, Trevor.
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The Genesis story of Jacob wrestling with the angel is interpreted here as a struggle between Jacob and his wilder twin brother, Esau. Jacob, the farmer, the civilized man, suffers a wound in vanquishing Esau, the hunter...

River in a Dry Land —Herriot, Trevor.

Trevor Herriot’s memoir and history of the Qu’Appelle River Valley has won the CBA Libris Award for First-Time Author, the Writers’ Trust Drainie-Taylor Biography Prize, the Saskatchewan Book of the ...

The Road is How A Prairie Pilgrimage through Nature, Desire and Soul —Herriot, Trevor., author.

Prairie naturalist Trevor Herriot decides ?the road is how.? Recovering from a misstep that could have been his last, he decides to go for a three-day walk to sort through questions that rushed in upon the enforced still...

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