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Power Ponies to the rescue! —Belle, Magnolia. active 1980-2008

"Spike and the ponies--Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Applejack--are pulled into a comic-book world and must defeat an evil mare! Can they save the day?"-- Provided by publisher.

Really riding! —Hapka, Cathy.

Annie and Meg have their first-ever riding lesson followed by a Pony Scouts sleepover.

Starswirl do-over —Ralls, Whitney, author.

"All the Equestria Girls are excited to be at the Starswirl Music Festival, but no one is more excited to see PostCrush, the most amazing pop duo ever, than Sunset Shimmer and Pinkie Pie! The only problem is...Sunset Shi...

Rainbow rocks : the mane event —Finn, Perdita, author.

"The third exciting adventure in the Equestria Girls series! The girls rock a new story about friendship at Canterlot High -- provided from publisher.

Princess Celestia's starring role —Alexander, Louise (Louise Shirreffs), 1979- adapter.

"It's the 1,111th anniversary of Princess Celestia raising the sun over Equestria, and Princess Twilight Sparkle knows just how to celebrate: with a play starring Princess Celestia herself! The only problem is... Princes...

Ponyella —Numeroff, Laura Joffe.

Ponyella's dream of showing Princess Penelope her tricks at the pony championship comes true with the help of her fairy godmare.

Sweet Buttercup —Green, D. L. (Debra L.), author.

While staying at their grandmother's ranch, sisters Tori and Miranda are practicing to compete in different events at the local horse show -- but Ashley, a rude and conceited girl who is stabling her pony at the ranch, i...

Water lily —Farley, Terri.

After a tsunami destroys her grandfather's ranch in Hawaii, Darby must help her friend, Cade, find his mother who has been missing since the storm.

Star the western pony —Shire, Poppy.

Laura goes for a ride on a magic carousel that takes her to the old West, where she and her pony and a new friend save a herd of cattle from would-be rustlers. Includes facts about cattle drives and life in the "Wild We...

Pal the pony —Herman, R. A. (Ronnie Ann)

Pal the pony is too little to participate in the rodeo but becomes the star of the ranch in a different way.

I want a pony —Betancourt, Jeanne.

Lulu wants a pony. If only she had a pony, then staying with her grandmother while her father is away would not be so bad. If she had a pony, she could ride with Pam and Anna. And then they could be friends - Pony Pals! ...

The winter pony —Lawrence, Iain, 1955-

An account--from the point of view of a pony--of what it was like to be part of Captain Robert Scott's 1910 expedition to reach the South Pole before rival Roald Amundsen.

Best fillies forever.

"Join the ponies of Ponyville as they meet new friends, spend time with family, and discover the magic inside each of them!"--Page [4] of cover.

Meet the squad! —Sisler, Celeste.

Introduces the ponies of Ponyville, including Starlight Glimmer, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Applejack.

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