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27 Results
Artemis Begins : A Short Story from Guys Read : Funny Business —Colfer, Eoin, author.

Long before Artemis Fowl appeared in Eoin Colfer of the family. And on one particular spring day, he concocts his most sinister plot yet. A short story from the acclaimed collection Guys Read: Funny Business , edited by ...

Artemis Fowl : a Fowl adventure —Manning, Matthew K., author.
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Artemis Fowl is on a mission to rescue his father, who has been kidnapped. Artemis must get ahold of a fairy, steal its gold, and use the gold to pay his father's ransom. The problem? He has no idea where to find the mag...

Highfire : a novel —Colfer, Eoin, author.
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For centuries, he struck fear in hearts far and wide as Wyvern, Lord Highfire of the Highfire Eyrie. Now he goes by Vern. He is the last of his kind, the last dragon, and no amount of vodka or Netflix binging from his La...

Mariella : queen of the skies —Colfer, Eoin, author.
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Mariella loves nothing more than inventing but bedtime keeps getting in the way of all her brilliant ideas! So when Mum and Dad won't take no for an answer there's only one thing for it... Mariella has to build a rocket-...

Highfire a novel —Colfer, Eoin, author.
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"In the days of yore, he flew the skies and scorched angry mobs--now he hides from swamp tour boats and rises only with the greatest reluctance from his Laz-Z-Boy recliner. Laying low in the bayou, this once-magnificent ...

The Fowl twins —Colfer, Eoin, author.
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One week after their eleventh birthday, the Fowl twins-- scientist Myles, and Beckett, the force of nature-- are left in the care of house security (NANNI) for a single night. In that time they befriend a troll who has c...

And Another Thing Douglas Adams's Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, part six of three —Colfer, Eoin
Restricted EAudiobook (NNELS)

In this sixth installment of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series, Arthur Dent has finally made it home to Earth, only to discover that it is about to be blown up ... again. What could a pantheon of unemployed god...

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