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Cross Country

Restricted DAISY Zip (CELA)

When Cross is called to investigate a massacre-style murder scene, he is shocked to find that the victim is an old friend. Angry, hurt and more determined than ever, Cross begins the hunt for the perpetrators of this cruel crime. He is drawn into a dangerous underworld right in the heart of Washington DC that leads him on a life threatening journey to the Niger Delta where heroin dealing, slave trade and oil and gas theft are rife. Sequel to "Double cross", followed by "Alex Cross's trial". 2008. (Alex Cross series ; 14)

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Genre: Thriller

Other Authors: Centre for Equitable Library Access (Canada)

ISBN: 9780616540930

Edition: Computer data (1 file : 96.0 MB).


  • (6 hrs., 56 min.) : sound.
  • digital Digital recording


  • Restricted to use by people with documented print impairment.
  • Male and female narrators.
  • Audio and text.
  • Peterborough, England : Royal National Institute of the Blind.
  • London : Century, 2008. 9781846052569
  • DAISY 2.02 standard; MP3 compression at 32 kbps.
  • Studio original.
  • YA001 mr fr ar
  • 20100401 Y 200
  • NO NO
  • Complete 20170217 06:56:20
  • 2008

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