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Earthly Possessions.



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ISBN: 9780099463702

Publisher, Date: Random House 2016

Description: 240 p.

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Edwards, Kim, 1958- — Both authors write thought-provoking, intimate, character-centered stories and novels about families, leading readers into a deeper understanding of their own lives. Characters in these books live through family trauma and come to understand themselves better. Edwards and Tyler both often write about two or more families in order to compare and contrast them. -- Becky Spratford
Berg, Elizabeth — Using the mundane trials and tribulations of everyday people in counterpoint to the miraculous nature of friendship and love, Anne Tyler and Elizabeth Berg both create realistic fiction with a hopeful edge. For those who enjoy Anne Tyler's works but are looking for something slightly lighter in tone and theme, Elizabeth Berg is a safe read. -- Tara Bannon Williamson
Welty, Eudora, 1909-2001 — Tyler's acknowledged mentor, Eudora Welty, taught her the value of the ordinary. Both authors are accomplished storytellers and their novels share that rambling, old-fashioned feel, the Southern charm, and the quirky but somehow familiar characters. -- Katherine Johnson
Quindlen, Anna — Anne Tyler is to Baltimore as Anna Quindlen is to New York: a mirror reflecting the essence of a place while capturing individual people. Both authors write intimate, women-centered family tales with characters that are equally realistic in their foibles and oft-endearing human shortcomings. -- Shauna Griffin
Conroy, Pat — Anne Tyler fans will appreciate the intriguing people in Pat Conroy's books who frequently find themselves on a journey of self-discovery. Also, in both authors' tales, setting is essential, and Conroy's works will especially appeal to Tyler's readers who appreciate the decidedly Southern flair of her Baltimore-set books. -- Dawn Towery
Patchett, Ann — Though Anne Tyler's writing is down to earth and Ann Patchett's contains hints of magical realism, both authors show deep insight into human nature in their thoughtful, somewhat bittersweet, character-driven novels. Both develop themes defining friendship and family in contemporary America; and how different yet interlinked people respond to significant life events. -- Matthew Ransom
Russo, Richard, 1949- — Anne Tyler's and Richard Russo's literary novels share a penchant for quirky characters, settings in small towns or close-knit communities, and the ability to illuminate bigger issues through small details. -- Krista Biggs
Gibbons, Kaye, 1960- — Kaye Gibbons and Anne Tyler, both Southern writers of literary stories of Women's Lives and Relationships, will each appeal to the other's readers. They share a fondness for family stories, quirky characters, usually women, and deft descritions of people and situations. Gibbons's settings, however, are more rural and sometimes historical. -- Katherine Johnson
Shields, Carol — These Pulitzer Prize-winning novelists write eloquent, character-driven stories of the small scale, everyday dramas of modern life -- homesickness, grief, uncertainty. Their characters are authentic and flawed; their writing style thoughtful and detailed. -- Shauna Griffin
Hoffman, Alice — Alice Hoffman and Anne Tyler write in engaging, accessible literary prose of families and relationships, especially among women and through generations. Their Atlantic Coast settings give them a similar sense of place. Hoffman may be more explicitly magical than Tyler, but there is a sense of wonder about all their fiction. -- Katherine Johnson
Irving, John, 1942- — Just as Anne Tyler's books are not only for women, John Irving's are not just for men. Irving combines a powerful, easily recognizable prose style with stories of families, often eccentric characters, and sometimes surprising, even magical, situations. His novels share a literary excellence with Tyler's, as well as a similar approach to characters and their strengths and foibles. -- Katherine Johnson
Franzen, Jonathan — Jonathan Franzen and Anne Tyler provide penetrating glimpses into domestic life, examining family relationships and secrets through quirky but thoroughly-conceived characters. Their elegant prose brings the drama of life's daily challenges to life. -- Katherine Johnson

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