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Morality for beautiful girls

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Mma Ramotswe, daughter of the late Obed Ramotswe, is now the announced fiancée of Mr J L B Matekoni. It is a fine match: she is the founder and owner of The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency and he is the proprietor of Tlokweng Road Speedy Motors. But Precious Ramotswe is not as happy as she should be under the circumstances. The Detective Agency is struggling with its finances and Mr J L B Matekoni is unusually low and neglecting his garage. Sequel to "Tears of the giraffe" (DC29234). 2001. (Precious Ramotswe ; 3). (No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series)

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Genre: Mystery fiction

Other Authors: Centre for Equitable Library Access (Canada)

ISBN: 9780616347386

Edition: Computer data (1 file : 86.7 MB).


  • (6 hrs., 17 min.) : sound.
  • digital Digital recording


  • Restricted to use by people with documented print impairment.
  • Hilary Neville.
  • Audio and text.
  • Peterborough, England : Royal National Institute of the Blind, 2006.
  • Edinburgh : Polygon, 2001. 0748662979
  • Recording standard: DAISY 2.02 standard.
  • MP3 compression.
  • Compression rate: 32.
  • Studio original.
  • YA001 fr ar
  • 20070326 Y 200
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  • Complete 20170424 06:17:47
  • 2001

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