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Night's child a Murdoch mystery

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After thirteen-year-old Agnes Fisher faints at school, her teacher Amy Slade is shocked to discover photographs in the girl's desk, one of a dead baby, with a terrible message written by Agnes on the back, and another of Agnes in a pose captioned "What Mr. Newly Wed Really Wants." When Agnes doesn't show up at school the next day, her teacher takes the two photographs to the police. Murdoch, furious at the sexual exploitation of such a young girl, resolves to find the photographer - and put him behind bars. Some description of sex and violence, some strong language. 2010, c2005. (A Detective Murdoch mystery)

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Series: A Detective Murdoch mystery


Genre: Mystery fiction

Other Authors: Centre for Equitable Library Access (Canada)

ISBN: 978-0-616-63806-4

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