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Sleep no more : six murderous tales


"A holiday gift for all P.D. James fans to stand alongside her bestselling The Mistletoe Murder and Other Stories: six previously uncollected stories from the beloved "Queen of Crime"--swift, cunning murder mysteries from throughout her extraordinary career. Put your feet up and enjoy a good read! Longtime P.D. James fans will devour these short tales of criminality and deception, each one a pleasure, evocative and engrossing. Including several stories originally published in magazines, this enchanting arrangement of memorable whodunits treats the reader to atmospheric storytelling, mysteries to be solved, and enjoyable puzzles that will keep you guessing. With wit and warmth, P.D. James pays tribute to her English crime-writing forebears, delighting in the dark secrets that lurk beneath the surface of quintessentially English settings. Sleep No More is a beautifully produced, rare gift book, and an exciting addition to the P.D. James library, offering her devoted readers a glimpse of earlier work never before collected between two covers, and--for those who come newly to it--a delightful place to begin."-- Provided by publisher.

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Subjects: Murder -- Investigation -- Fiction.



  • 9780735274389
  • 073527438X

Description: v, 170 pages ; 21 cm


  • The yo-yo
  • The victim
  • The murder of Santa Claus
  • The girl who loved graveyards
  • A very desirable residence
  • Mr. Millcroft's birthday.

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Penny, Louise — Both Louise Penny and P.D. James write character-driven police procedural mysteries that explore moral ambiguity and the psychological causes and effects of crime. Their stories create a strong sense of place while the mystery's solution is slowly revealed. -- Merle Jacob
Rendell, Ruth, 1930-2015 — Ruth Rendell, like P. D. James, is a writer fascinated with the psychology of her characters and their many motivations for becoming involved in murder. The beautifully written, atmospheric stories engage readers from the opening page, immersing them in both the British settings and the investigative procedure. -- Katherine Johnson
Sayers, Dorothy L. (Dorothy Leigh), 1893-1957 — Dorothy L. Sayers is known for her stylish prose and traditionally plotted detective stories. Sayers's books starring the clever and ever sophisticated Lord Peter Wimsey are a good choice for those who treasure P. D. James's classically constructed mysteries, beautifully evoked settings, and elegant writing. -- Dawn Towery
McDermid, Val — British women writers P.D. James and Val McDermid masterfully combine the specifics of forensic science with brisk plots and excellent, detailed characterization. -- Shauna Griffin
Walters, Minette — James and Walters are captivated by the psychology of crime, and share powerful literary writing styles and fascination with good and evil. Both create dark, brooding tales in which nothing is what it first seemed, and explore social. James is a bit less edgy and dark than Walters. -- Katherine Johnson
Gur, Batya — Both authors write literary mysteries that feature cerebral policemen who have troubled personal lives. These quiet, introspective men use their insights and understanding of human nature to solve crimes. The stories are multilayered and character driven. These slower paced mysteries often take place in closed societies or groups. -- Merle Jacob
Crombie, Deborah — Crombie, an American, writes literate Mysteries set in England, featuring three-dimensional characters, cleverly constructed traditional plots, and nicely detailed settings reminiscent of James's. Crombie tends to be less darkly focused on the psychology of the characters, and her investigators' relationships develop on a more personal level than for Dalgliesh. -- Katherine Johnson
George, Elizabeth, 1949- — George and James write classically constructed novels of detection that blend the traditional mystery with occasionally darker, but more realistic, characteristics of contemporary crime novels. Both authors include social issues and explore the psychological nuances of their characters, neatly combine several different plotlines, and create a strong sense of place. -- Katherine Johnson
Marsh, Ngaio, 1895-1982 — Both authors feature Scotland Yard detectives with an interest in the arts, usually setting their mysteries against the backdrop of a specialized occupation. They employ a strong sense of place, serious but not grim atmosphere, steady pace, literary tone, and strong secondary characters. -- Katherine Johnson
Perry, Anne — These authors' works are Strong sense of place, Moody, and Richly detailed, and they share: the genres 'Mysteries' and 'Police procedurals' and the subjects 'Murder investigation' and 'Police'.
Burke, James Lee, 1936- — These authors' works are Strong sense of place and Intricately plotted, and they share: the genres 'Mysteries' and 'Police procedurals' and the subjects 'Murder investigation', 'Police', and 'Murder'.
Leon, Donna — These authors' works are Strong sense of place, Moody, and Intricately plotted, and they share: the genres 'Mysteries' and 'Police procedurals' and the subjects 'Murder investigation', 'Police', and 'Murder'.

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