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The Way of the Gun.


Fired from the Provost ranch and humiliated in front of the whole bunkhouse, Duke Latham swears vengeance on the owner Maynard Provost. Pursuing a life of crime and violence at the head of a small gang of outlaws, six months later Latham kidnaps Provost's beloved daughter Dulcie. Provost's ranch hands scour the country searching for the girl, but in vain. Then fate throws them, and Provost himself, into the path of notorious bounty hunter Wesley Sumner, known as "Certainty" because of his countrywide reputation for never failing to find and kill his man. Sumner is persuaded by the desperate father to take up the search.

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Series: Black Horse Western

Subjects: FICTION / Westerns

Genre: Western fiction.

ISBN: 9780719826634

Description: 160 pages ; 1 x 12 cm.

Notes: Library Bound Incorporated

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