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The footprints of God


Trinity. The government's top secret supercomputer is an intelligence beyond comprehension--and a nightmare beyond humanity's worst fears. At the heart of a maelstrom of limitless science and ruthless ambition, Dr. David Tennant, Project Trinity's ethicist, harbors a lethal secret: he knows who murdered a fellow scientist. Fleeing for his life alongside psychiatrist Rachel Weiss, the only hope for survival lies in revealing the shocking connection between Trinity's apocalyptic power and David's tortured mind. Mankind's future hangs in the balance--and the price of failure is extinction.

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Genre: Thrillers (Fiction)


  • 9781982122324
  • 9781416564096
  • 1982122323
  • 1416564098
  • 0743454146
  • 0743234693

Description: 546 pages ; 19 cm

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