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Inspector Wexford and his team try to link a murder victim found in a cottage basement and a severed hand found in a wood area.
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"A female vicar named Sarah Hussein is discovered strangled in her Kingsmarkham vicarage. The gossipy cleaning woman who discovers her body, Maxine, happens to also be in the employ of retired Chief Inspector Wexford and...
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A classic Wexford case that shows him and his creator at their brilliant best.When the Detective is asked to evaluatethe manuscript of an author of true crime stories he discovers that you can't believe everything you re...
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A lump of concrete dropped deliberately from a stone bridge over an unfrequented road kills the wrong person. The driver behind is spared. But only for a while. It is impossible for Chief Inspector Wexford not to wonder...
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When a young girl's body is found in a London cemetery and the local police, under the command of Wexford's nephew, are baffled, Wexford decides to brave his doctor's wrath and the condescension of the London police by d...